About Us


  • ETHICAL business practices
  • DEPENDABLE service
  • RELATIONAL strength
  • VISION for growth
  • FAMILY environment


  • To ELIMINATE the shipping issues of our customers
  • To SUPPORT our carriers with load placement, financial assistance, and prompt payment
  • To FACILITATE the growth of our agents business
  • To DEVELOP lasting relationships with our customers, carriers, and agents
  • To MAINTAIN strong ethical business practices
  • To PROVIDE the highest quality of service


Pearce Worldwide Logistics was founded by Warren Pearce in 1981 under the name Warren Pearce Truck Brokers. Once a trucker himself for many years, Warren was determined to change the course of the trucking industry by reinstating and encouraging ethical business practices, such as integrity, honesty and dependability. Warren was dedicated to surrounding himself with people of the same moral fiber and thus,continues to be the heart of Pearce Worldwide Logistics. Now leading and growing the Pearce business and family is Warren's son, Kevin, who is carrying on his father's vision by promoting the values that originally drove him to create, Pearce Worldwide Logistics.

For 34 years, Pearce has been recognized for the values it continually strives to up hold in their ability to provide quality customer care, consistent integrity, honest leadership and responsible support.


For more info about Pearce Worldwide Logistics,  or call 615-376-6307.