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We want to partner with you to help make your job easier. We’re here to serve you, and we strive to do that with humility, excellence, and fairness.

Whether you’re a shipper, a driver, or own trucks, getting freight moved can range from mildly inconvenient to pull-your-hair-out frustrating. Please let us help. Not only are we willing to take on these headaches for you, we’re so twisted that we actually kind of enjoy this stuff. We want to partner with you to help make your job easier. We’re here to serve you, and we strive to do that with humility, excellence, and fairness.

We’ve been taking care of business for nearly four decades - solving problems, navigating challenges, and getting the freight moved. We treat every individual load as a special, unique situation, requiring great care and attention to detail to make sure it arrives on time and in good condition. We’re not afraid to think outside the box, make adjustments on the fly, or scramble to work around complications. We believe that in this industry it’s not a matter of IF a problem will come up, but HOW we handle it when it does.

taking care of business for nearly four decades...

We always pay our bills, we fully back claims, we insist on telling the truth (even when it hurts), and we refuse to let anyone we work with be mistreated if there’s something we can do about it. We’re far more concerned about putting people first, serving with excellence, honesty & humility, and making sure everyone is treated fairly, than we are with profits. These are not just buzzwords that are supposed to sound good. These are non-negotiables instilled in each one of us, starting with founder Warren Pearce, and continuing with his son and our current owner/president Kevin Pearce. They have maintained from the beginning that if we are committed to these things, we can take care of business and make an honest living while we’re at it.


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How it all started…


The Pearce family of transportation companies were founded by Warren Pearce in 1981 under the name Warren Pearce Truck Brokers. Once a trucker himself for many years, Warren was determined to change the course of the trucking industry by reinstating and encouraging ethical business practices that were sorely lacking, such as integrity, honesty and dependability. Warren was dedicated to surrounding himself with people of the same moral fiber, and this continues to be the heart of the Pearce companies to this day. Now leading and growing the family business are Warren's son Kevin, and grandson Matt, who are steadfastly committed to carrying out the founding vision by upholding the same values that our companies were built upon.

For almost four decades, Pearce Worldwide Logistics and Warren Pearce & Co. have been recognized for the values we continually strive to uphold, and our ability to provide quality customer care, consistent integrity, honest leadership, and total support for every trading partner.